Community Impact

The impact that the VidyaGyan students have had on the rural communities of Uttar Pradesh is clearly visible. Changes, otherwise difficult to bring about, were ushered in with surprising ease by the students, by spreading the message to their families, communities and societies at large.

Some of the fields in which a remarkable transformation has been brought about by VidyaGyan are:

Drinking Water

Students realized that drinking water should be tasteless and colourless, only after they arrived at VidyaGyan. This learning motivated them to design a low cost water filter to provide their families and societies with clean and hygienic drinking water.


The students learnt that traditional cow dung/wood oven used by their mothers and sisters for cooking purposes caused severe respiratory problems. To prevent such health hazards of the open oven, the students designed a new smokeless oven, now widely used for cooking in the villages.

Adult Literacy

Special initiatives are being undertaken to spread adult literacy.

Gender Equity

Most parts of rural India are still riddled with gender bias and inequalities. Rural initiatives to generate awareness about the importance of girl child education are being regularly undertaken.

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