VidyaGyan offers top-notch infrastructure in a secure environment for student growth. The Academy continuously improves facilities across its two campuses, ensuring comfort for all.

With a co-ed, residential setup, VidyaGyan prioritizes student, teacher, and admin comfort. It boasts cutting-edge labs, indoor sports spaces, an amphitheater, art blocks, and outdoor sports facilities encompassing football, basketball, and athletics.

Two campuses—Bulandshahr and Sitapur, UP—currently host 2000 students.

Internal Infrastructure

Our schools are purpose built and include state of the art facilities to help our students thrive.


Sports is a very important pillar of the VidyaGyan curriculum. All our students are encouraged to participate in physical exercise for health and wellness, as well as to build leadership skills and teamwork.


At VidyaGyan, we believe that reading has the power to build knowledge and creativity. Our libraries are fully equipped with books, newspapers and magazines. Students have access to materials they need to help enhance their educational goals.

They are open 12 hours a day and can seat more than 100 students at a time. It is designed to support reading and research.

Innovation Labs

Innovation and curiosity are encouraged both inside and outside the classroom. Our students can access the internet, educational software, and more, in order to master essential skills.

These labs allow them to showcase creativity and problem-solving skills, offering access and hands-on experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Maths & Chemistry Labs

The Math and Chemistry labs on our campuses enable students to engage in practical applications and help them understand theoretical concepts in a more robust manner.

Hands-on learning, critical thinking, collaboration and exploration are all encouraged in our labs, to help students level up their learning.

Art Gallery

The arts are strongly encouraged and facilitated at our schools. Student artwork decorates the corridors, classrooms and more. There are dedicated art galleries as well. Our art department is deeply experienced and aims to offer opportunity and exposure to our children.

Music Classrooms

We believe that arts and culture are an important part of the holistic development of students. Our music department is a great strength at our schools. Students are offered the opportunity to learn both Indian and Western classical singing, as well as several instruments such as the harmonium and synthesizer. Students have gone on to represent the school at national-level competitions.

Residential Facilities

The residential facilities on our campuses have been built to offer a safe and comfortable offering for our students. Each child has access to personal areas, as well as shared spaces.


Our cafeterias offer nutritious meals, designed by experts, to help children reach their top potential and stay healthy and fit. It also addresses any nutritional gaps that students may face.

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